The third ever YOLO flip /w Toby Miller.

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Drop in on Toby Miller’s private summer halfpipe sessions at Mt. Hood, where he trained for weeks to finally stomp a « Yolo Flip, » a cab double cork 1440 that puts him among snowboarding’s elite. He was joined by Shaun White for the halfpipe sessions in Oregon, where he landed the trick of his dreams.
« The halfpipe trick that was taking over used to be the backside 1260 double cork, but since iPod invented the cab double 1440, that trick started taking over snowboarding, » Toby Miller said. « I’ve been looking at that trick, and I feel like I can do it. Learning a new trick is always scary, it’s always up there on this mental pedestal. So you try to break it down and realize how to build up to a trick, and that’s what I was there to do.”
The Yolo flip, done first and named by Iouri “iPod” Podladtchikov at the Winter X Games in 2013, is a cab double cork 1440, and it stands alone as the trick that represents how high the performance bar has been set in men’s halfpipe. Since then, only one other snowboarder had stomped the Yolo flip in competition, and that was Shaun White. Miller wants part of that elite group, so he dedicated weeks of summer sessions here at Hood to taking it from a dream to a reality.


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