The first ever slopestyle skate course. | Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018 in Munich, Germany

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We bring you a first look at how it was made and how it skates, as the circus rolls into town at Red Bull Roller Coaster! Join Zion Wright and Jamie Foy as they present the new FIRST EVER Slopestyle Skate Course (or skateboarding assault course) built up in the German city of Munich, at the Olympic Park. As you are by now doubtless aware, the ever-excellent Munich Mash festival took place this weekend in the Bavarian capital – and this year it sees the debut of Red Bull Roller Coaster, a 300m long skateboarding assault course designed to establish who can best handle all-terrain business at breakneck speed.
Unlike other skate competitions, the 300m slopestyle course is designed to combine street, bowl and vert elements, challenging athletes to display a wide range of skill to win. Already confirmed are the top US skaters Jamie Foy (street) and Zion Wright (all-terrain), as well as the European elite Alex Sorgente (bowl) and Jaakko Ojanen (street).


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