Snapshot – A Wakeskate And Wakeboard Documentary | Trailer

Available for 1 week on starting 27th of August 2018!
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« Snapshot » is a stunning feature-length movie, that elevates wakeboard and wakeskate through creative cinematography.
By shooting in 4 different continents with more than 50 of the worlds best wakeboarders,  and wakeskaters and the pioniers in this field, the worlds first wakeboard- and wakeskate-documentary ever will provide an insight to the yet unknown facets of this international, increasing sports. With insane performances and moves you´ve never seen before and stories like you’re right there in the scene, this movie will open your eyes to the fascinating world of wakeboarding and wakeskating.

►A Film by Sven Ziese and Soeren Fischer
►Producer: Sven Ziese
►Director: Sören Fischer

►Featured Riders in Snapshot:
Jimmy Redmon, Tony Finn, Bruce Mc Kee, Herb O’Brien, Eric Perez, Parks Bonifay, Eric Lutgert, Scott Byerly, Greg Nelson, Erich Schmalz, Darin Shapiro, Shannon Best, Shawn Watson, Shane Bonifay, Marc Rossiter, Brian Reeder, Collin Harrington, Adam Errington, Erick Ruck, Jimmy La Riche, Nate Perry, Niko von Lerchenfeld, Daniel Grant, Harley Clifford, Nicola Butler, Thomas Horell, Danny Hampson, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, Brandon Thomas, Ryan Leary, Andrew Pastura, Dieter Humpsch, Andrew Fortenberry, Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, Reed Hansen, Yan Lecomte, Lukas Suess, Bruno Rixen, Benni Suess, Dominik Guehrs, Sophia Maria Reimers, Corney Angus, Freddy von Osten, Lior Sofer, Mark „Turtle“ Mc Namara, Jan Kissmann, Collin Gee, Leo Labadens, Patrick Panakos, JB ONeill, Chris Abadie, Davis Griffin, Andrew Adams, Mattias Hoppe, Benjamin Hoppe, Jeremia Hoppe, Christian von Lerchenfeld , Keith Lidberg, Steffen Vollert, Ben Leclair, Trevor Bashir , Todd Watson, Bobby Grant, Brenton Priestley, Mitch Langfield , Manu Rupp, Kevin Henshaw, Jeff McKee, Aaron Gunn, James Windsor, Sophie Hogben, Angelika Schriber, Stephane Lachenal and Cory Teunissen


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