Science Hacks For Staying Stronger Longer

► When fitness meets science.

We put champion athlete Colleen Fotsch in the lab for this 6-circuit workout to track her lactic acid, heart rate, and calories. As she peaks in each circuit, our scientists give you insight into what’s happening and provide tips to recover faster and stay moving longer.

► Workout
Overall: 5 min circuits – as many reps as possible, 3 min walk in between each

► Circuit 1:
10 kettle ball swings
10 burpees

► Circuit 2:
10 chest-to-bar pull ups
10 pistol squats alternating legs

► Circuit 3:
10 glute ham sit ups
10 row cals

► Circuit 4:
10 dungbell snatch
10 ab cals

► Circuit 5:
10 ski cals
10 ring dips kipping

► Circuit 6:
20 air squats
10 toes to bar

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