Into Tahiti’s Underground Surf Scene | No Contest

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The world’s most feared wave was in a friendly mood for this year’s Tahitian Pro, and a team of local legends gave us an intimate look behind the scenes in their French Polynesian paradise.
In case surfing at Teahupo’o isn’t intimidating enough, once the Championship Tour hits Tahiti the race for the world title heats up and the stakes are raised in the crucial battle for re-qualification. This year the Tahitian village failed to deliver on the wave front but competition was no less fierce than ever.
Staying with local host Tahurai Henry, our team met the past, present and future stars of Tahitian surfing, with everyone from the legendary Drollet brothers to underground beasts like Tikanui Smith and Matehau Tetopata and young guns such as 15-year-old Eimeo Czermak all scoring big in the swell that preceded the event.
Throw some incredible still frames from ace local lensman, Domenic Mosqueira, into the mix and you’ll have to agree this is a pretty complete study of the way things play out in Tahiti.

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