Incredible Pro Skateboarding Tricks | Top 25 of 2017

Now, these are some incredible pro skateboarding tricks! Jose Angeles is one of our favorite skaters! These skateboarding tricks aren’t your basic grinds and ollies, no. These advanced skateboard tricks include twists, flips, and more! Which of these skateboarding tricks from this skateboarding tricks compilation were your favorite? Tell us all your favorite skateboarding tricks and more in the comments below!

These pro skateboarding tricks were so awesome, they made their way to the People Are Awesome Top 25 of 2017 list as some of the best skateboarding tricks this year! Tune in each day through the rest of the year to see all the clips that made the People Are Awesome Top 25 of 2017 list!


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Title: Traveller by Melano
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Jose Angeles!

Filmed by:
Randy Catanach
Brandon Cabeza
Tristian Cabeza
Sam Gershwin
Shaun Anderson
Carl Wee

Edited by:
Jose Angeles

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