GIANT SAND CASTLE: A frozen BMX playground out of sand?

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Two of Russia’s best BMXers head to the freezing northwest of their country to embark on a unique skatepark build.

Four hundred tons of sand and water, frozen to almost concrete-levels of hardness. This was the material chosen to construct a giant skatepark castle on the shores of Lake Ladoga in Northwest Russia. The unusual playground was the brainchild of Kostya Andreev and Irek Rizaev.

Everyone is familiar with building sand castles; fragile structures unable to withstand the returning tide. Irek and Kostya decided to build a bigger-size castle suitable for BMX riding.
It took the pair quite a while to choose exactly the right location for building the park. Eventually, they selected the northern part of Lake Ladoga where they found a beach with a beautiful view and access to the water. In the winter, the air temperature is incredibly low – perfect for ensuring the sustainability of the build.

Only two ingredients were used for constructing the park: sand and water.

At -30 Degrees Celsius, frozen sand was very similar to concrete in its properties and provided  excellent grip. Irek and Kostya rode several truly frosty sessions and managed to demonstrate a totally stunning performance


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