Cross Country short track recap in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. | UCI MTB 2018

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The 2018 Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup promises to be another exciting season. The best downhill and cross-country athletes race the toughest and most challenging tracks with one goal in mind: to become World Cup Champion.

A second consecutive weekend of World Cup cross country racing is about to kick off this weekend in the Czech Republic. Here are all the pre-race essentials you need.

Every year, deep in the Czech Republic, a race like no other takes place. 30,000 people pack into a cacophonous biathlon arena in Nové Město, seemingly miles from anything, and all hell duly breaks loose. 

This year, the Vysočina Arena will host the third round of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Cross-Country World Cup title race. The opening exchanges, in Stellenbosch, South Africa and Albstadt, Germany, were thrilling and full of intrigue, which sets up the third XCO instalment of the season a treat.


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